Senior Accountant, UD ACC Purchase to Pay

Reports to
UD Trucks Accounting & Company Control Purchase to Pay Manager
Mission/purpose of the job
- Control and handle Purchase to Pay (P2P) process, and expand standard process in order to get bigger efficiency and quality for Account Payable area.
- Making payment schedule by each payment method and payment term
- Handling VAT rate change from 8% to 10%
Scope (Local, Sub Regional, Regional, Global)
and influence (Internal or External, Shared or Divergent)

- Accounting services P2P in legal UD Trucks
- Local P2P activities in legal UD Trucks
Key responsibilities / accountabilities
- Team lead with good communication
- Keep standard purchase to pay process, reduce inefficient manual process
- Planning monthly and yearly payment schedule
- Explanation to internal and external auditor for Account Payable accounts
- Business support for payment process and payment approval
- Management for AP account
- Improvement of payment process by automation (RPA)
Key targets and results
- On-time payment based on payment schedule
- Improvement of payment quality
- New VAT rate (10% and 8%)
- Contribution to cash flow management
Preferred educational and/or training qualifications and certificates
Bachelor’s degree, preferable for economics or business economics.
Preferred experience and knowledge
- At least over 5 years of experience in accounting or financial controlling.
- Good accounting knowledge and enough business knowledge
- Effective communication skill in both internally and externally.
- Preferably having experience of purchasing controller or IT task
Necessary technical/functional/language skills
- Good knowledge of Excel and Word
- Enough experience for Master Finance
- Team lead as section leader
- Well organized and self-starter
- Problem solving skills
- Fluent in Japanese and English, both verbal communication and formal writing

회사 소개

The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines under the leading brands Volvo, Renault Trucks, Mack, UD Trucks, Eicher, SDLG, Terex Trucks, Prevost, Nova Bus, UD Bus, Sunwin Bus and Volvo Penta.

UD Trucks is based in Japan, one of the commercial truck brands of the Volvo Group. UD Trucks brand develops and markets a wide range of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. UD products go the extra distance, giving our customers extra fuel mileage and uptime. UD people always make the extra effort, to support our partners and satisfy our customers. With UD Trucks you will be part of a global and diverse team. We work with passion, we trust each other and we embrace change to stay ahead. We make our customers win.




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