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Since 1927, Volvo Group philosophy has been to deliver pioneering innovations that put people first, developing a world built on quality, safety and care for the environment, each of which is reflected in how we develop our products, how we act in society, and how we approach our customers and employees.
Volvo Group runs advanced engineering and development projects, and also collaborates in national and international research programs focusing on long term research, development and innovation.
Intellectual Property enjoys a high profile as a valued asset and business tool throughout the entire Group. The group function Volvo Group IP, with three teams, continues to strengthen its global organisation which has presence in Gothenburg (Sweden), Eskilstuna (Sweden), Lyon (France), Greensboro (USA), Ageo (Japan) and Changwon (Korea).
The increased relevance of patents in society and a broader need for in-house patent operations have created a unique opportunity for a Patent Attorney, to be part of the Patents team but working closely with members of all teams within Volvo Group IP and colleagues throughout the Volvo group.
Qualifications and tasks
The successful applicant has a Master’s degree or higher in the field of physics, electronics, software, telecommunication, automation or mechanics, and preferably at least 3 years experience in the IP department of industry or in private practice, including expertise in patent drafting and prosecution. Experience in evaluating third party patents is preferred.
The tasks will include novelty search, patentability opinion drafting, patent application drafting, prosecution, oppositions, assisting R&D in identifying patentable inventions and Patent & Strategy team in managing the portfolio according to business goals. Depending on expertise, or upon competence development, further value-added tasks in the field of IP would be entrusted to the successful candidate.
We are looking for a Patent Attorney having at least qualifications in National systems (e.g. CEIPI) and more preferably having passed the EQE.
English is the working language but full fluency in French is essential to be able to discuss technical details in French with inventors. Knowledge in German is an advantage.
The successful applicant will report to the Regional Manager Patents US & France, part of the Patents team within Volvo Group IP.
The location is in Saint-Priest, near Lyon, France, within the premises of Renault Trucks SAS, a fully owned entity of the Volvo Group.
Applications should be made in English

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The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines under the leading brands Volvo, Renault Trucks, Mack, UD Trucks, Eicher, SDLG, Terex Trucks, Prevost, Nova Bus, UD Bus, Sunwin Bus and Volvo Penta.

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