Manager, Construction project delivery in Real Estate

Reports to
Director, Real Estate
Mission/purpose of the Job
UD trucks has a large factory, R&D center and HQ building in Saitama, and 140 customer center throughout Japan.
Real Estate department (RE) manages overall lands and facilities UD owns or leases. The department mission is “RE contributes continuous growth of UD’s business by providing strategic solutions on investment, divestment and operation of the lands and facilities”
This position is responsible for delivering projects of new construction, rebuilt, renovation office moving and etc. by achieving agreed project goals by mangeing the team. Definition of project goal (schedule, cost, quality), agreement of the goal with stakeholders and commitment to achieving the goals are the key factors for this position and team to be successful.
To be successful for the person, to understand US’s core values and to work by demonstrating his/he competency about ownership, time management and result oriented.
Scope, Key responsibilities/Accountabilities
Team management
• Develop and set team’s mission and goals following the department goals
• Develop and update a project governance model and implement audit
• Train team members to achieve their goals
• Compliance of team members and vendors with Volvo and UD policy and rule, and local regulations
• Manage team performance and develop a monthly report format to show achievements, on-going project status and risks
• Create monthly project status update and budget vs. actual spend report
• Foster the team culture as follows
o Result-oriented, ownership and challenge spirit
o Commitment to achieve agreed goals
o Proactive approach and solution providing
Project management
• Manage projects of new construction, renewal, renovation, office moving and etc.
• Define a project goal with scope, cost, schedule, resources and organization, and agree them with stakeholders
• Control design quality of workplace to secure UDT core values with cost efficient solutions
• Identify risks, develop risk mitigation plan and manage the risks during the projects
• Optimize project scope by providing strategic solutions from RE perspective and find a better result from the company perspectives.
• Coordinate and manage execution approval processes (Execution planning, Budgeting, Building Permit, Operational Permit etc.)
• Change management
• Manage and implement PM/design/CM company hiring process with procurement department depended on size of project.
• Secure efficient and effective use of properties after hand-over by involving Property & Facility mgt team in critical decision.
• Ensure safety around construction sites for both employees as well as vendors
• Ensure environmental safety by construction and demolition.
• Expectation control of all stakeholders
• Participate in supplier selection process executing by Indirect Procurement department
• Work with Business Control (BC) for financial process by submitting required data
• Secure that all relevant project documentation (digital/hard documents) is archived•
Key targets and results
• Achieve department and team goals
• Achieve personal goals
• Regular update of team perfomance and on-going project status
• Team performance meeting with agreed targets
• Completion of projects meeting with agreed cost, schedule and quality
• Good quality control of design and constructon meeting with Volovo and UD ’s standard
• Zero imcompliance
• Zero loss of human life
Key competencies
• Team management skill
• Leadership to achieve agreed goals by proactively driving of projects
• Logical analysis and report
• Challange spirits to lead changes
• Resultoriented goal setting and priodecal report
• Communication skill to create relaiable relationship woith stakeholders
Essential educational and/or training qualifications and certificates
• Bachelor or Master of Architecture or similar training/experience in real estate or construction project management
• Minimum 3 year experience on team management
• Minimum 5 year experience on construction project management
• Knowlege of building and facilities
• PC skill
Preferred experience and knowledge
• Experience to set up project governance model
• Additional knowledge of construction practices, contracts and quantity surveyor.
• PC proficiency and good understanding of IT tools.
Necessary technical/functional/language skills
• Leaderships skill
• Communication skill to build reliable relationship
• Logical analysis and reporting
• Native Japanese lanugage skill
Preferred technical/functional/language skills
• English, business level
※Selection process will start as the application is received and position will be closed when the candidate is identified.

회사 소개

The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines under the leading brands Volvo, Renault Trucks, Mack, UD Trucks, Eicher, SDLG, Terex Trucks, Prevost, Nova Bus, UD Bus and Volvo Penta.

UD Trucks is based in Japan, one of the commercial truck brands of the Volvo Group UD Trucks brand develops and markets a wide range of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. UD products go the extra distance, giving our customers extra fuel mileage and uptime. UD people always make the extra effort, to support our partners and satisfy our customers. With UD Trucks you will be part of a global and diverse team. We work with passion, we trust each other and we embrace change to stay ahead. We make our customers win.




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