Electronic and Wiring Harness Engineer

Within Powertrain Engineering Lyon office and Electrical & Electronics department, the Electronic Hardware Development team recruits!
Are you interested in developing wiring harness and electronic products, within an international team and close to the plant? We offer you a unique experience within our vehicle electronics, close to the end product and our customer, using Agile way of working.
The Powertrain Engineering Lyon office develops the powertrain (eg. thermal & electrical engines, gearboxes, hybrid batteries) of VOLVO group vehicles: Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Volvo Buses, Volvo Construction Enquipment, etc.
For this powertrain, the Electrical & Electronics Lyon department develops and configures the softwares (together with other departments), the Wiring Harness and the Control Units.
Our team Electronic Hardware Development develops the wiring harnesses and the control units, which, together with the other products from Powertrain Engineering, will allow us to meet the environmental challenge needed by our planet: CO² emission reduction, but also particles and NOx reductions, etc.
We work within Renault Trucks company and VOLVO group. Renault Trucks has been awarded best company by HappyIndex®AtWork 2019 study, among french companies of more than 5000 employees. Proudness of our products and services, fun at work and great work environment are the factors leading to this score!
For each new need customer or environmental need, we must create or modify our mechanics, electronics and softwares. The wiring harness and the control units are constantly evolving to meet these needs.
For each new need, you will be responsible to define the most adapted hardware solution (wiring harness and control units) and to ensure the hardware compatibility at system level. You will be in contact with software teams who will need your hardware solutions.
You will also be responsible of the electrical schematics of this system, the wiring harness development and its installation, taking care of the different constraints (assembly sequence, feasibility at supplier, after-market) during all project steps.
You will be the responsible of the products quality and durability during their lifetime!
You will work within a dynamic team and participate to its success. This team collaborates closely with international teams (Sweden, Brazil, USA, India, Morocco and, from time to time, Japan).
This work experience will help you to grow regarding empowerment and data analysis in a complex environment and will increase your technical knowledge in electrical and electronics.
You are an engineer (woman/man) experienced in mechanics or electronics, with a strong experience in hardware development, especially in schematics and wiring harness development. An experience in electronic development is appreciated.
You are fully proficient in wiring harness tool (SABER, CATIA V5 / Creo).
You have experience in driving suppliers and assembly teams. You can build plannings and adapt to changes. You are at ease with new way of workings such as Agile.
You can work in a multi-cultural environment and are fluent in English.
To meet our top priority of customer success, you are rigorous and not compromising with quality regarding the products you develop. You can work and negotiate with different kind of people thanks to a clear and structured communication. You like to contribute to a team success to meet the business objectives and to make the team both energetic and friendly!
Do you like technical challenges? With CO² reduction, fuel consumption reduction and electro-mobility, we have several ones to propose!
Do you like people-related challenges? With Agile method deployed among international teams, the need to support each other to meet customer need and innovation as first priority, you will find challenges for you!
Did you know? For many years, as a “disability friendly” company, Renault Trucks SAS has been committed to including people with disabilities in our professional environment.

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